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Why companies choose Ecodrive

We build with your business in mind. We know that for sustainability to work long-term, it has to make since for your bottom line. Our solution helps you reach impact and sustainability goals while ensuring full project transparency, customer engagement, and ROI.

How Brands are Increasing LTV & Retention by Planting Trees

LuckyVitamin started working with us in 2021 with a custom opt-in feature at checkout to allow customers to pay a small fee to plant a tree. Due to overwhelming engagement and conversion they switched to allowing customers to opt-in to plant a tree for free! During this 2 year window, customers that engaged with Ecodrive had: 305% higher future value, were 5x more likely to repeat purchase, were 10% more likely to join loyalty programs and had a 81% higher AOV. Over 1,300 positive reviews prove that customers love this initiative. 82% of consumers want to shop from brands that share their values, and tree planting is a great way for businesses to show that they care about the environment, too. It transfers the positive feeling customers got from doing a good deed onto the brand because the brand put the opportunity in front of them, which likely at least partially explains why customers who opted in to tree planting are 10% more likely to participate in loyalty programs! It’s also Lucky Vitamin’s most-reviewed product.

Kim McCorkell

Retention Manager

Increase Conversions On-site with Callouts of Your Initiative

Fisher's Finery, a fashion brand focused on quality, comfort and style, saw an astounding 24% increase in conversion rate from cart to checkout within the first 3 weeks of planting one tree with every order. The initiative's success has prompted them to look into expanding it to other sales channels (e.g Amazon).

Craig B


Increase Reviews and Opt-ins: Proud Source Water

Proud Source ran a campaign titled "Leave a Review, Plant a Tree" to all purchasers with hopes to increase conversions on left reviews for their site. The campaign offered to plant a tree in exchange for a review to help build ratings and validation but also to provide a meaningful connection with purchasers without discounting their product. The results speak for themselves: Over a 6 month period, the brand saw a 106% increase in the number of reviews left compared to the prior period. The first month using the tree planting incentive saw a 41% spike in the number of reviews. Opt-in rate for reviews increased by 39% in the first three months of tree planting incentive.

Kaloni Penningon


Increasing Revenue While Making an Impact with Customers

William Wood is a sophisticate mirror and furniture brand with a commitment to a sustainable future. In partnership with Ecodrive, they planted 1 tree for every order they receive. After every order, they send a survey to customers asking why they shopped William Wood over others. 4.43% of customers (1212), said it was because they plant trees for all orders. This speaks directly to customers caring about making an impact with their purchases and resulted in a 12x ROI on impact with Ecodrive.

Harry Wood

Head of Growth

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