All projects support the UN Sustainable Development Goals


All projects support the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Projects in our marketplace all align with the UN SDGs. Each one covers different areas, with majority of our projects offered that align with 5 or more of the goals.

LuckyVitamin started working with us in 2021 with a custom opt-in feature at checkout to allow customers to pay a small fee to plant a tree. Due to overwhelming engagement and conversion they switched to allowing customers to opt-in to plant a tree for free!

During this 2 year window, customers that engaged with Ecodrive had:

Over 1,300 positive reviews prove that customers love this initiative. 82% of consumers want to shop from brands that share their values, and tree planting is a great way for businesses to show that they care about the environment, too.

It transfers the positive feeling customers got from doing a good deed onto the brand because the brand put the opportunity in front of them, which likely at least partially explains why customers who opted in to tree planting are 10% more likely to participate in loyalty programs!

It’s also Lucky Vitamin’s most-reviewed product.

E-mail & SMS

Lucky Vitamin also uses e-mail and SMS to tell the story behind the trees (their importance, their impact, etc.) and bring customers back to site. We recommend sending emails post-purchase, 30 days out, 60 days out and 6 months out indicating the stages of their tree being planted.

E-mails reminding customers about the tree they planted with their last order brings that good feeling back to the surface. Many customers will instinctively want to replicate that feeling and you can present them with the perfect opportunity to do so by including a CTA in the email to ‘Order again and plant another tree!’

The effectiveness of this strategy is supported by the fact that Lucky Vitamin customers who opted in to planting a tree had a 305% Higher Future Value, 5X more Lifetime Orders Placed and ordered more frequently.

Trevor Laudate



Trevor Laudate is a dynamic leader and Co-Founder at Ecodrive, a company dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability through innovative tree planting initiatives. A graduate of California State University, Fullerton, with a strong foundation in finance and communications, Trevor has successfully merged his business acumen with a passion for environmental advocacy. His leadership at Ecodrive reflects a deep commitment to making a tangible impact on the planet, emphasizing the power of community engagement and strategic partnerships to foster a greener economy and a healthier world.

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